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project "Vaigmania" was originally under a different name and was born thanks to a huge desire and the desire to create an interesting and unusual music. I did not find anything like this, I want to write myself, does this mean that it will be something new, perhaps - yes. I consider that all new, well forgotten old, but I listened to a lot of different music, different years, but nothing like this could not find anyway.

I decided to put the DEMO-version of its project to just a little hint at what I`m going to write

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Released the first single! Rate

Жанр: New Age, Dark Ambient, Expressia

First album.
Release Overview.

The project "Vaigmania", in the summer of 2010. The release of the album was postponed due to the pain of the performer. Exit from 2015 to 2017.

At this time, the first album to be released!

Vaigμaηiα ❦
Only 13 CDs, with 10 rare melody. Exclusive!

Beautiful music inspires and excites consciousness. Only the majestic melody and symphony able to conquer our hearts. Music - a source of emotions!

- Treat yourself to a unique gift. Enjoy the sound.
Диск Первого альбома

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